Gymnastics taught by the athletes of the Girls Varsity Gymnastics Team
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Program F.A.Q.s
When do I register?
The Gymnastics Varsity Workshop only runs in the months of December and January each year. Registration typically begins at the end of October or beginning of November.

* The registration date for the next season has not yet been determined. Please continue to check back or add your email address to our mailing list on the home page .
How do I register?
Registration is only available on-line using this web site. To register, click "Sign-Up Now" on the left side menu and follow the three step registration process.
What time will registration begin?
Registration opens automatically as soon as the website determines that it is the registration date. So, I guess registration officially starts at 12:01 AM.
I am not available on the registration date, can I register in advance?
It would be unfair to others if registrations were accepted in advance.

Since registration is on-line, we hope that everyone can register even if they are away from home.
How do I know if my child got into a class?
There are several ways to check your child's enrollment..
1) We will send out an email confirmation within a week.
2) Return to this web site. Look under Registration.

* Note that everyone will receive an email whether they were accepted into the program or placed on a wait list.
What does it mean to be on a wait list?
Students are often placed on a wait list during the registration process. The reasons for this are explained by the next question below. Its important to understand, however, that this is a necessary and often temporary stage of the overall enrollment process. We often take students from the wait list before the season begins. Anyone not fitting into a class is automatically placed on a wait list. If called, you are under no obligation to access the slot.
Why can't you tell me immediately if my child is enrolled?
For whatever reason, registration usually results in a significant imbalance in class size. We spend a few days moving students between classes to rebalance classes and then can accept additional students from the wait list.
Should I come the first day to see if there is any space?
No! If you were placed on a wait list, you are not necessarily NEXT on the wait list. Coming the first day will only make your child very sad not to be able to participate. We promise that if you're next on the wait list, you will be called.
My child has a friend staying with her, can she participate?
No! We don't want to make your friend sad, so please don't get their hopes up. We cannot allow a friend to participate for the day for so many reasons.
When is payment due?
Once you have been confirmed into a class, please send payment right away. We need to receive payment well before the first class in order to resist the temptation of giving your spot to someone else. The email confirmation will let you know the due date. Please do NOT plan on bringing payment to the first class. Please mail the payment so we receive before the deadline.
What if I need to cancel?
Registration is a commitment to attend the class. If you need to cancel, you must do so more than two weeks before the first class. If within two weeks of the first day, you may cancel only if your spot can be taken by someone on the wait list. A $25 service fee is charged. No refunds after the first day of class.
Can I enroll a child with special needs?
We can accept children with special needs provided we have the appropriate resources to handle the need. It is unlikely that we will have enough instructors to provide one-on-one attention for the entire class time. Please contact us to discuss your child's special circumstances.
Class Selection
How do I know which class is right for my child?
Classes are arranged by grade. Please simply enroll your child in the correct class according to their age. The only exception is for advanced 3rd graders. If your third grader is working backwalkovers and back handsprings, you may opt to place them in our Fabulous Flippers class.
Do many boys participate in the program?
Yes, depending on the age. The preschool and kindergarten classes tend to have one boy for every two girls. The First Grade class also has a good number of boys. Its not until the 2nd grade and higher class that the number of boys dwindles down to 2-5 per class. This, of course, varies from year to year. In these groups, we try to allow the boys to be in the same group duing class.
What should students wear to class?
Students may wear socks, T-shirts and shorts. Girls can optionally wear a leotard under clothing or sweats. Don't forget to keep students hair out of their face! Girls remove jewelry (Chains, bracelets, earrings).

If your child has a shirt with their name on it, it may be helpful for them to wear it.
How do I find out if class is cancelled due to bad weather?
We will post cancellations to this web site and place a message on our gymnastics phone line by 8:30 AM Saturday morning if class must be cancelled due to bad weather. Please understand that we can not call all of you.
Do we make-up cancelled classes?
We rely on the High School Gymnastics team for our instructors, gym space and gymnastics equipment. Once their season is over, the equipment is put into storage until next year. If there is a snow day, we will *try* to make up the class. But we cannot guarantee it.
How do you determine if a class should be cancelled due to bad weather?
The school system decides if weekend events are cancelled just as they decide if school is cancelled during the week. Therefore, on Saturday morning, we drive to the High School to see if the building has been opened. If the custodians have opened the building, we will hold Gymnastics.
Additional Questions
The schools, administration building and PE offices cannot answer your questions. Please contact the program directors with your questions.
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